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Posted by: John ( Australia ) on February 23, 19100 at 13:47:24:

Following up on my earlier comments, I think McDonalds advertising is the most deceptive and annoying of any fast food company. They take a very arrogant approach here about their products. About 15 months ago they launched a new burger called McOz, supposedly an Australian style burger, with an ad implying that their burgers are the only ones worth eating and only they can make a good burger- small take away shops can't. The theme for a long time was "Only McDonalds'. Recently they have been featuring an ad where 3 men are trying to cook something for breakfast- with the ad concluding that it is better for them to just give up and go and get a McBreakfast. Message- don't bother cooking anything yourself- just go to Mcdonalds. They have also recently placed ads in newspapers about how a job at McDonalds helps their employees' future career prospects, I suppose in an attempt to deflect criticisms about low pay and poor conditions. They also have nutrition leaflets available and often advertise in magazines implying that their food is somehow nutritious, complete with glossy colour pictures of freshly picked lettuce, eggs etc. Of course they avoid mentioning directly anything to do with fat content. They also don't mention what type of oil is used to fry their chips- I think it is beef fat or palm oil- saturated fats. Eating their meals three times a day every day- which I guess is their dream- is a fast track to obesity at the very least. I also hate the way they involve themselves in community events and funding - of course to enhance their image, no other reason. I still eat McDonalds myself- once a year at most, if there is nothing else available, but have long since tired of the taste which i liked when i was about 15. But the taste and the menu has changed little over the years and i don't understand why it is still so popular, especially given that there is such an excellent choice of more nutritious and tastier food around these days. As for the above McOz, it tastes nothing like a hamburger you can get from a small take away business here- it is very bland and similar style to their other products.

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