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Posted by: Bonobo on February 23, 19100 at 16:16:37:

In Reply to: Mean, green, non-sentient machine. posted by Cubbie the Cabbage on February 21, 19100 at 11:57:14:

: : Please relax and settle down... plants have feelings too.

: That's right! With our advanced central nervous systems we are no different from animals, and we feel pain too! What, you say we don't have central nervous systems? No brain, no pain, is that what you're saying? Works for me...

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: McSpotlight: You might both be interested to know that there are some interesting similarities between animal and vegetable immune system chemistry and defence mechanisms

That was an interesting article, but it's not surprising that living creatures, be they plant or animal, share certain traits in common. However, the fact that a cow and a carrot have certain traits in common does not therefore mean that they are identical organisms which feel and think in the same way. To make a clearer comparison: if you expose a human being and a one-celled organism to noxious stimuli, both the person and the microbe will react defensively, such as moving away from the noxious stimuli. Based on this, could we then conclude that people and microbes experience pain in the same way? Not really.

Another argument against comparing the eating of plants versus the eating of animals: as we all know, animals are raised in confining, brutal factory farm coniditions; they are not free to roam as they please, in fresh air and sunshine with plenty of room. Instead, they are locked up in filthy pens and subjected to all manner of abuse. Plants, however, still grow the old-fashioned way: in the dirt, and stationary. Their growth is not twisted in unnatural ways as happens to animals.

Since you're obviously sympathetic to animals and vegetarianism, consider this message aimed at people who equate killing animals with killing plants, despite any evidence that animals and plants experience life the same way.

McSpotlight: Gee, thanks ;) - we're glad you're not trying to tell us about the meat industry and the cruelty thereof...

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