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Posted by: Crash ( Australia ) on February 25, 19100 at 11:20:07:

I have to comment to all you idiots that bag and dispise McDonalds for how they run their business. McDonald's are very smart company and run a business very well, look at how successful they are and how successful they have been for many, many years. They do sell shit, unhealthy food, they do abuse workers and dock their pay, they probably are cruel to the animals and cut down rainforests, etc, etc. Why then are McDonald's so successful??? because we, that is society, are STUPID enough to know all this and yet still go and purchase the crap. Don't blame McDonald's for advertising and producing what consumers want, blame the consumer for eating the crap and making the business successful. Don't blame McDonald's for being successful when the consumer makes up their own mind to go into a McDonald's restaurant and make McDonalds rich. We all blame McDonalds for selling what they sell, where if customers were smart enough not to eat unhealthy food or cared enough for the environment or cared enough about the animals living in atrocious conditions, then they wouldn't go to McDonald's in the first place and McDonalds wouldn't make any money. It comes down to society not giving a shit about the enviornment they live in. Society is to blame for the way McDonalds runs a business because they place such a high demand on it. What do u expect McDonalds to do???? Close down because 'its not right' to run the business how they run it. If it isn't right, then why are they so popular???? where else are they suppose to find land to graze the cattle for the ever increasing demand for the crap burgers?? (a demand placed by society) stop continuing to grow the business!!!!
McDonalds employs thousands and thousands of "kids" world-wide. if MCdonalds were'nt around, where the hell would these thousands of kids work??? unemployment skyrockets, creating more kids roaming the streets with nothing to do, possibly turning to crime; not learning important qualities that u get from a job (any job) like discipline, punctuality, motivation, good work ethic, teamwork, commitment, just to name a few. The economic repercussions would be huge!!A job isn't solely about what u get paid, yes it is important, but what should be more important is what skills, qualities u learn that will help u later in life. You can get those sought of skills and qualities at any job, but how many employers (other than fast food outlets)are going to employ kids????????
If society didn't place such a high demand for fast food, then there wouldn't be as many animals being slaughtered, as many trees being cut down, as many people dying from bad eating habits, and so on. Blame society and not McDonalds (or companies alike) for the bad things that are happening to this world.

McSpotlight: Does this mean that any attempts to make society better are totally worthless? - of course it doesn't.

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