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karma prana 69

Posted by: knievel ( australia ) on February 27, 19100 at 17:05:22:

Prana 69:
You seem to have missed the whole point of what Crash was iterating. Individual responsibility was the basis of the argument posed against the Marketing oracle of the McDonalds corporation. A macro effect has a micro cause. You seem to be hiding yourself in the apathy of a small corner of society that talk a lot but dont make any difference for the greater good. You are lost in your own rhetoric.
McDonalds is a classic example of an organisation that makes the most of a weakness of society and it wont change until its market changes - afterall marketing is about being dynamic so until the market shifts in its own apathetic paradigm, McDonalds will continue to succeed. Unfortunately its the nature of mankind to be greedy - at whatever expense and I'm sure you are no different. This greed factor exists at a way deeper stratum than the political bullshit you are spinning. Politics never changed the world becasue its only the exchange of opinion which is based more on ego and marketing than the truth. As much as I despise McDonalds for their product, their extortion and capitalist bureacracy, the bottom line and illustration of my contempt for the company is its reflection of societies lack of passion for the well-being of themselves. A problem cannot be solved at the level at which it was created - (Albert Einstein) You must delve deeper to find out how it actually occurred - and when you criticise without addressing the real problem you are merely throwing flowers in the wind - you are not changing a thing.

What makes you less of a human prana 69 is your naive sarcasm and failure to see reality as it is - not the way a minority of hot-headed liberationists see it.
What you have is an opinion that represents a separate entity to the realistic world. All you are doing is filling the gaps of your insecure mind with the same petty bullshit that generated appeal in the flower power era. Well wake up and smell the roses because your time is over hippy. We lived it and learned from it, but there are better ways to make a change today. Liberate that
I look forward to your response.

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