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Why do you argue against what you already know?

Posted by: MDG on February 28, 19100 at 17:56:29:

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: MDG - "It's fair to say that any business which encourages children to eat meat, as McDonalds does with its advertising, is guilty of harming the health of children for the sake of profit."


Serious as a carnivorous diet-induced heart attack!

: How can McDonalds be guilty of harming the health of a child when they promote and deliver a product that is highly demanded by society. If u are going to look at it like that, shouldn't the parents be guilty for allowing their children to eat McDonalds??? oh thats right, blame the big company for forcing people to eat their food:) - society is under this big "spell" from companies, making them unable to make choices for themselves.

While you make a good point about personal and parental responsibility, you must admit that McDonalds is not an innocent bystander in all this. Who saturates the world with advertising featuring a kid-friendly clown and movie tie-in toys? Who knowingly makes unhealthy food? Why are you so quick to absolve McDonalds' of its responsibility in this equation?

: I'm no doctor, but correct me if i am wrong, to get a heart disease from eating maccas, then u not only would have to eat it on regular occassions, but be eating it for many, many years. aswell, it would have to be the only thing on your diet. c'mon, lets be realistic!!!

I'm not saying that eating one greasy burger will give you a heart attack. However, fast food is unhealthy, and people who like it tend to eat it often. As you also know from my other posts, my concerns over McDeath go far beyond human health -- the environment and animal abuse are key concerns of mine (and yours, if I read your messages correctly). However, there is no denying that fast food is bad, unhealthy food, so why take issue when this fact is illuminated?

Go here and here to read about the relationship between fast food and heart disease.

: as with all foods, the saying goes "everything in moderation". McDonalds is no worse or better than anything else as long as it is in moderation and part of a balanced diet.

I would argue that eating unhealthy food is never a good thing to do, but almost everyone does something bad to themselves on occasion. However, my points about the fast food industry and its horrendous effects upon the environment and its systemic abuse of animals still stand, so on a macro level, one cannot defend McDonald's simply by saying that individual consumers may or may not get sick from their food; the overall effect upon the world and animals is unquestioningly bad.

: lets keep things in perspective shall we!!!!

Indeed. Admit what you already know: McDonalds and its ilk are not good for anyone or anything.

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: McSpotlight: McDonald's do their best to create the demand for their burgers; as such, they are guilty of advertising a diet known to be unhealthy; especially give the evidence that the majority of their custom comes from the users classed as 'heavy' or 'super-heavy' users; i.e. those who eat an unhealthy amount of McDonald's food in the first place.


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