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The 'right to live differently'

Posted by: Prana69 ( Australia ) on February 29, 19100 at 13:56:58:

In Reply to: Some very angry people posted by Entruchio on February 27, 19100 at 16:52:53:

: Hmm, having just wandered into this site and had a good read, I'm struck by the large number of very angry people here.

: Now I don't eat at McDonalds - I think their food tastes like crap and leaves a nasty greasy feeling in my mouth. BUT If someone else wants to, good for them. Who am I to say to them "You should eat what I tell you". Wouldn't that make me the same as McDonalds - the only difference is they do it on the TV.
: The same goes for the whole "Meat is murder" thing. Now as a Butcher and Fishmonger, I have a job to do. It's how I get paid. I get really upset by rabid vegos who don't respect that I sell animal products. Most vegans/vegetarians I know are rational and sane people who respect what I do and I give them the same respect.
: Then there are the "McDonalds exploits young workers" people. I've never had a job that I couldn't leave. NO ONE can force you to stay in a job. People who work for someone that they consider is exploiting them have many options, the best one is to leave and get another job.
: I have a great deal of respect for McDonalds as a business. They sell a product. It's not a particularly good one, but the sell it well. When I see at least a year at McDonalds on someones CV, I know straight away that they will be able to work efficiently and as a member of a team.
: My final point, McDonalds does have a purpose in my life. After five months of travelling in Nepal and India, I visited McDonalds in New Delhi, it was clean, the staff were friendly and I knew the the food I ordered would be of a minimum standard and would not be reappearing from my body within the next four hours.
: Don't slag them off, just don't go there. If someone lives differently to you,why not let them. The world would be a very boring place if we all believed the same things.

: Entruchio

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: McSpotlight: So perhaps you'd like to tell that to McDonald's; who tried to sue people for expressing alternative viewpoints in public?

: Does the "right to live differently" extend to factory farmed animals? I am sure that given the opportunity every animal that is raised for meat would prefer to live differently.

How are they to express this right to you? Could you, and more important, would you recognise it?

You can see it everyday in every animal that is born, raised and killed simply to satisfy your lust for flesh. That is, if you have the will to see it. To refuse to see is ignorance.

I don't dispute your right to "live differently"; I dispute your 'right'to deny this same privilege to non-human animals.

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