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A local affiliate of CBS News reported this morning that Akron's
Environmental Health Dept. is reporting 43 cases of gastroenteritis
(most commonly food poisoning.. 97% of whose origins are linked to
animal products) at the University of Akron. A spokesperson for the
Health Services at the university said it was not Robinson Dining Hall.
The McDonald's and Sara Lee facilities, as well as a campus food vendor
of beef are being investigated by independent channels. Because animal
products must constantly be refirgerated or frozen to prevent the
decay of the animal flesh or animal secretions and because when the
animals are slaughtered they defecate in terror, spreading feces
everywhere, animal products are the most common cause of these
problems. Legionnaire's Disease was so named to prevent it's being
called what it was: swine (pig) flu.
McDonald's has historically settled food poisoning cases out of court
and sealed the record. Its billions of dollars in advertising have in
the past
bought the silence of many in the media.

The entire transcript of 30,000 pages in the McDonald's McLibel trial
are on the web at http://www.mcspotlight.org
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