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Posted by: MDG on March 01, 19100 at 00:29:48:

In Reply to: MY THOUGHTS ON THE WEBSITE posted by John White on February 29, 19100 at 22:37:14:

: I stumbled on to this site by accident and I found it intriguing. I how no idea that there was such a lot of opposition to McDonalds as is portrayed here.

: It would be only logical to assume that if the issues raised were important to people, McDonald would have to take note. Yet their business is booming.

: McDonalds economic and cultural success is entirely dependent on people (its customers). Bikies gangs with “chainsaws and baseball bats” don’t roll up to people’s front gardens and force people to eat there. People choose to because they want to. Whether those reasons are valid or not is irrelevant. It may be ignorance, or it may be convenience or is may even because they actually enjoy the food!

: If I make the assumption that your group wants McDonalds to close down, (please correct me if I am wrong) you have the task of changing the habits and lifestyles of a significant percentage of the population. This will not be achieved on a web-site, that does not attract the majority of McDonalds customers. Perhaps only a few!

: I had a real hard look a many messages and I found there were no creative ideas to educate and inform the people who keep McDonalds in business. It seems that people with what is obviously a sincere goal, have very little, if any, constructive ideas how to achieve it.

: Therefore being bereft on any ideas to solve the problem, (to bring the demise of McDonalds,), this website is merely a forum for people who dislike McDonald’s (and perhaps their success?) to have a gripe.

: Unless you target McDonald customers in ways they can see and understand the issues you raise, this site is merely a wonderful way to “vent your spleen”, but in reality not much else.

: My opinion, I welcome any logical correction.

: John
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: McSpotlight: You obviously haven't examined the history of the McLibel trial - McDonald's tried to sue people for handing out leaflets containing what they felt to be the truth; the longest civil court case in English history followed; at the end of which the defendants were partially vindicated in their criticism.

: This site is here to present the evidence McDonald's tried to suppress; to put the evidence permanently into the public domain and thus stop them ever trying to use the same tactic again; it has so far been successful.

: These Debating Rooms are merely forums for people to express their own views on the issues raised; they are not the prime purpose of the website.

You've been given loads of information here, both by McSpotlight, and by various participants, as to why people should not support McDonalds.
Have you read through the arguments? They tend to focus on three major issues:

1. Human health vis a vis junk food.
2. The cruelty to animals inherent in meat production.
3. The destructive effects of meat production on the environment.

You can find links to sites elaborating on all these issues at this post, as well as around the McSpotlight website.

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