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Why McDonald's Restaurants Magnetize Violence

Posted by: Ron Gone on March 03, 19100 at 11:22:31:

Yesterday's shooting of 3 in a McDonald's and l in a Burger King
in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA) suburb of Wilkinsburg
(chain names unreported by The World, a joint production of BBC
and NPR), is not the first time several were shot at a McDonald's.


A century ago, Annie Besant, world famed writer of the early
Theosophical movement, wrote that for an hour's radius outside
Chicago the city was red. At that time Chicago was the physical
slaughterhouse capital of the world. Now it vies with New York as the financial slaughterhouse capital of the world. The red came
from the aura of terror, fright, agony.. as millions of animals
fought against the slaughterhouse knives, clubs, shocking rods,
ropes, and fists.. as they heard the screams of their sisters
and brothers. Such frequencies register in the air long after
the slaughter of the innocents. They also register in the flesh
of the animals as adrenalin, whose long protein chains are only
partially broken by the heat of cooking, so that the eating of meat
is the ingestion of biochemical rage, panic, and suffering.

As one goes up the frequency ladder from infra red to ultra violet,
it seems that purple grapes are more likely to recreate the
ultraviolet of compassion, than blood soaked bullet riddled flesh.

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