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it is not sin to eat flesh

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It has been my habit since 1994 to practice a vegetarian diet. It is
not necessary for me to take life to sustain my own. I believe that all
life is sacred from the house fly to the human. God is the Creator of
all Life. In the beginning God created all life vegetarian, both human
and animal. It was not until after the flood that living beings began
to eat meat. I do not preach that it is sin to eat flesh but I will say
in this day and age it is unwise. God's original design was a
vegetarian diet until sin entered the world and death by sin. I choose
to honor God's original design with my diet. I do not have the ability
to eat animals. I cannot do this in good conscience. I have offered my
diet to God as a perpetual fast. I have chosen to honor His original
diet and to reverence the life He created. In order to eat an animal
she must first be dead. It is not wise to devour death.

Brother James Marcus

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