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Found you after a year of looking

Posted by: Graham Ross on May 04, 1996 at 16:09:41:

I've finally found your page, after looking for over a year! Well, not
strictly true, but I remember hearing about the trial when it started,
but apart from occasional mentions in Private Eye and The Guardian, I
never knew how it was progressing - a case of the media siding with big
business, or just their inability to cope with a story that has lasted
for more than a week? Anyway, once The Guardian had printed that feature
last weekend (complete with web address), I could finally find out what
was going on. Thanks a lot.

Though I don't agree with the apparent desire of Greenpeace (London) to
create a society composed only of vegetarians, and I'm not going to
become a vegetarian myself (and yes, I have experiences of animal farms
and slaughterhouses), I will not eat at a fast-food outlet again. I
stopped eating at McDonald's about 10 years ago, anyway, partly due to
stories that they contribute(d?) funds to Noraid, but mostly because the
food was appalling.

I only wish I could win some money on the National Lottery - a big win
would lead to a lot of money coming to the defendants (yeah, empty
promises, you might think, but if I do, well...). However, it's not
likely to happen, so all I can say is good luck, and here's hoping
McDonald's lose. Badly.

Graham Ross

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