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McDonalds IS RESPONSIBLE for these disgusting practices.

Posted by: Carl ( Brisbane , Australia ) on February 23, 19100 at 11:45:05:

In Reply to: Let's hear both sides of the story! posted by Lance Payne on June 13, 1999 at 03:45:51:

: Hello, I'm an employee (a happy one) of a McDonald's Franchisee. I recieve proper pay (i'm also happy with that). We have good management, good sanitation procedure, etc. I have not been exploited in any way, shape, or form. I'm pretty sure I speak for the other MILLIONS of employees. I've not had weird propaganda forced into my head nor have I been brainwashed, I am simply loyal to my successful employer. I am not fat, but I am american, and americans like good food. McDonald's provides food for the mainstream. If you all resent meat-eating people, well, let's just say your in a GREAT minority. Also, McDonald's actually owns NO cattle farms, It buys from the farmers, thus producing JOBS (something you could use). My main intent here is not to slander, however it is difficult for me to control my contempt. As for your "toxic waste" sob story, McDonald's doesn't even consume anything that could remotely become toxic persay, unless you left it in a nuclear reactor for 10,000 years(c'mon, our trash is leftover food and paper, and plastic consumables!) all other fast-food services dispose of garbage in the same manor as McDonald's Corp. Only McDonald's (unlike the others) is sacrificing profit to reduce garbage output, which is already low. McDonald's has always recycled. You know, seriously, I don't know where you get this crap. It's what I call jealousy, or Verbal Diarrhea. While your sitting at home, no doubt contemplating how your going to take over the world from your couch, I'm busting my butt at work, providing courteous, prompt, and delicious service to my customers. I'm sorry if you have had a bad experience at McDonald's, but can't whining ever go to far? C'mon, quit cryin'. Oh, and by the way, if you have such an anti-capitalism, put the free-enterprise out of business attitude, why don't you move to China, they are COMMUNIST there!

: Some other points:

: you say all kinds of things and you point many fingers, but WHERE ARE THE FACTS?


: thank you for your time.

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: McSpotlight: If it's facts your after, look through the 10,000 pages of court evidence we have...or the witness statements; can you provide evidence to prove them wrong?


I would like you to reassess your thoughts and visit this discussion again after you have :
1. Been crowded into a phone booth with 8 other people, force fed and received no compassion or attention
2. Been dragged violently from that phone booth and hung upside down by the feet
3. Had someone attempt to stun you unsuccessfully by a blow to the head
4. Dragged wet and shivering toward a machine that you can see exists purely to kill you, while the smell of adrenalin and fear makes you physically sick
5. Have a razor sharp blade slit you from ear to ear

Am I threatening you ? NO. I am asking you to endure the "humane" process McDonalds allows suppliers to employ in order to meet their all-consuming demands for MORE MEAT. FASTER. I eat meat. I search for products which have been grown naturally and humanely and lived a reasonable existence with no suffering. You are a blinkered, naive product of the same sausage grinding machine that churns out millions of fools who eat the crap McDonalds produces. Just because McDonalds does not "own" these hell houses they force their existence by the demands they place on the suppliers by practices which are driven by McDonalds. McDonalds IS RESPONSIBLE for these disgusting practices. Wake up and grow up Lance. One day you might even do something good for your fellow man. After all that, fair enough, you're entitled to an opinion. I just feel sorry for you.

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