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Posted by: Tony ( Melbourne, Downunder ) on February 23, 19100 at 11:48:31:

I've read the many comments posted here recently and was pleased to realize I'm not the only person watching SBS! A great doco and congrats to all involved(you've heard it a million times).

On the matter of marketing I just wanted to tell a quick story.

A business associate has a small son 18 months. He was ill and taken to the Childrens Hospital with a fever and vomiting etc and had been off his food all day(usually a good eater). Whilst at the hospital the child hurled again and was obviously in some considerable discomfort however as soon as they passed the Macca's restaurant (yes unbelievably we have them in there too) he pointed and said "Burger, chips?" To me this demonstrates the frightening grip McDonalds advertising has on small minds and it is up to every sensible adult to vote with there wallets and not buy it. I for one find that an easy choice. To date I've only seen Sweden have the political will to ban advertising targeted at small children and wont hold me breath waiting for that to happen here. Good luck for the future

P.S. By the way Peter(earlier post) I too am from Melbourne and we're
not all slow. You never mentioned where you are from but I guess you can't remember, right?

McSpotlight: Thanks for the wishes ;)

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