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McLibel case detractors

Posted by: Matthew ( (Student), Canada ) on November 20, 1996 at 00:52:03:

I am surprised to see so many negative comments here. In my
opinion, though McDonald's is not qualitatively worse than a lot
of other fast food restaurants, they are much bigger and have much
more sway, and a little more responsibility should accompany this.

Some of the arguments put forth by the McDonald's people are
incredible (such as landfilling being a good thing despite false
recycling promises, and trying to argue that coke is nutritious).

Honestly, I'm not sure that distributing those pamphlets are going
to make much difference because people can't see the rainforest
being cut down, the land being filled, or the pigs they keep with
.5 square metres to live in.

In fact, nothing seems farther from the "happy" meals and hamburgers.
But I certainly support the right of these activists to distribute
their pamphlet and wish them only success in the case.

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