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I thought there was a long version

Posted by: Anna on February 23, 19100 at 12:08:08:

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: I just finished watched the program and am sorry we missed out on the full length film over here in Perth. Thanks go to Helen and Dave for speaking out and achieving victory.. on behalf of all those who want justice for the little people, the real people...and the animals. What a disgrace. There really is a holocaust going on. The horror of it all goes beyond verbal description. Thanks for proving that the life killers can be fought and even beaten, that humanity still has a voice out there.

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: McSpotlight: Thanks again for your kind words :)

I thought there was a long version which went to cinemas a while back but I must be mistaken. It was in the news back then but I didn't hear anything about a screening here in Perth at the time.

McSpotlight: Hmm. There was a (UK) Channel Four programme about the case that consisted of two hour-long programmes; it used actors to reconstruct the court scenes (most noticeably Julia Sawalha, who got some fan messages posted to McSpotlight afterwards!).

The Channel 4 documentary was O.K.; but the one shown in Australia (McLibel: Two Worlds Collide) was the one made by people who actually knew Helen and Dave personally; it's the home-grown one, if you like.

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