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Absolutely inspirational!

Posted by: Rach ( Australia ) on February 23, 19100 at 13:03:31:

I cannot agree more with the comments from Jules (Australia). After watching the McLibel doco about Helen and Dave's achievments I am inspired to keep going on in the battle for the environment and the 'little people'.

The capitalist, non-caring attitude of McDonalds could be summed up in the secret meeting taped by Helen and Dave. The ignorant McDonalds executive said "Well you can forget about the settlement then!" in a huff. After the debate and court proceedings to that time he was so STUPID that he still failed to realise that THE ISSUE IS NOT ABOUT MONEY.

I hope that your message will finally penetrate through to the evil and moronic masses controlled by the media and the wealthy. I'd like to pose the challenge to the commercial networks to screen McLibel during prime time. I bet it would never happen.

McSpotlight: We hope that the major channels play it too, but in the meanwhile, you can get it on streaming over the 'net (at http://www.spanner.org/mclibel/film/vdo/index.htm, it's included on the McSpotlight CD-ROM and is also available on video from OOPS (see here).

Thanks a lot for the support; we appreciate it :)

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