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McDonald's - Obsessed with image at expense of truth

Posted by: michael ( australia ) on February 23, 19100 at 13:11:28:

I also just watched McLibel and want to congratulate two very courageous people.

I, like Andrew, was once a McDonald's employee. I worked full time and later as a casual for 2 years. Unlike Andrew, I hated working there and never ate the food - it is foul! Interestingly, McDonald's still took a regular amount out of my wage for "food allowance".If I did this to them, I am sure they would have charged me with theft.

I acknowledge the opportunity of gaining good skills under extreme time pressure but the wage which was paid in the early 1990's for a full timer was $5.50 an hour - grossly underpaid for the amount of work a crew member performs.

My experience of McDonald's culture was that it was obsessed with image. I think the press interview with Preston from McLibel shows how this obsession with image over reality is damaging our health and our planet.

Keep on exposing the truth about companies like McDonald's. We need more public information to counter the often inaccurate and misleading advertising companies like McGarbage and Coca Cola feed us.

McSpotlight: Thanks a lot for the encouragement :)

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