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I agree.

Posted by: michelle on February 24, 19100 at 11:17:43:

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: I watched your show and I think you Vegans are the brainwashed people in society.
: Why not put your efforts in more positive actions. Its people's choice to eat where they want to. You don't want to eat beef then don't. I know of plenty young adults who work at Mac's just to earn money while they are at college.
: In relation to exploitation of employees what can be said of governments who pay their trainees only $6.50 an hour,. People earn more at Mac's.

: I can't help but think that there must be a multi national behind your campgain to discredit McDonalds.

: Why don't you pick on KFC why did they change their name Kentucky Fried Chicken to KFC it was a ploy so that people didn't associated Fried with Fat. What about their advertising???

: I feel if you want to discredtit people look at the whole picture.
: One of the biggest food hazards is Phelenytonics which is contained in diet foods - why don't you make people aware of this - this is more harmful than eating a burger from Mac's. Diet sweetners have been linked to cancers - people make the choice. There are more harmful products out there on the market - why don't you put your efforts into that. Hence my opinion that there must be some company behind you pulling the strings. Who is it?
: Oz from Australia

: --
: McSpotlight:

: Firstly, it may be people's choice to eat it or not; but how can anyone make an informed choice when the company tries to restrict what can be said about its products? It's effective totalitarianism; "you can say what you want as long as we approve". We stand against that; people should be allowed to access all the facts and then judge for themselves. That's all we've ever fought for; that McDonald's habit of suing people be stopped; and that the people be allowed to judge for themselves.

: (It's also the reason for McSpotlight's existence).


: As for positive actions, well, the evidence we've got suggests that overconsumption of meat is one of the most destructive activities going on on the planet today; if we can reduce that trend, even by a bit, we've done something very positive indeed.

: There is no multinational body of any sort behind us apart from the McLibel Support Campaign; which was set up to help the McLibel Two fight the case and we receive no donations from any company or charity. Our money comes from individual donations and fund-raising; the McLibel Support Campaign is run entirely by unpaid volunteers, as is McSpotlight.

: We don't attack KFC directly because they don't sue people; they don't try and silence criticism. However, other fast food companies are in many ways just as bad as McDonald's, which is why Burger King is included in our Beyond McDonald's section, as are many pharmaceutical companies.

: I'm unaware of any chemical compound or family of compound named 'Phelenytonics'; you might care to provide some more evidence, unless you're actually talking about phenylamine (C6H5NH2)...

: Hope that answers your questions.

Fantastic comeback. I agree. Even the most devout capitalist must acknowledge that without complete information markets fail. It is there for essential that information regarding companies such as mcdonalds is available to the public so that informed decisions may be made.

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