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Posted by: Tony Pater ( Australia ) on February 24, 19100 at 11:58:56:

We were fortuneate enough to see a doco on the McLibel case the
other evening ...... at last, sumink REAL on television !

The trial brought out a number of issues, two of which are close
to my vibes; specifically:

. Employment conditions
. Trade Union membership/activities

I've had a scat of the witness statements from effin Macdonalds
(& their flunkies), and those of former employees and other
My question is ...... if a contract is 'onerous' (legal), then
surely it can be set aside ?
If so (& I think so) ..... then surely there is a case for employees
(& former employees).... to sue MacDonalds ?

With regards to the undermining of the legal right of workers to
join a Trade Union and to carry out lawful functions thus arising,
here too MacDonalds were denying rights ?
Surely they can be sued for denial of such rights...... and wasn't such denial 'unlawful' ?

Pity you can't BANKRUPT these Coporate a#*$!oles.... the sooner
they're history the better for mankind.

Sydney, Oz
24th. February 2000

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