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Very astute synopsis

Posted by: Timothy ( Perth, Australia ) on February 24, 19100 at 16:33:27:

In Reply to: helen and dave's valiant odyssey posted by jules on February 22, 19100 at 18:04:43:

: Just seen a documentary here in Australia (on our SBS ‘multicultural’ TV channel, a wonderful institution--our commercial television is abysmal) on your Mclibel case and I am moved to send you this email.

: I greatly admire your tenacity, your sense of public duty and justice, and your dedication in pursuing McDonalds and coping with the attendant stress.

: You are two of the true heros of the 20th century (but I didn't see you on Time magazine's cover--I wonder why not?).

: You are the absolute antithesis of the modern, shallow, vacuous, smug, rich, glamour persons we normally see in the media. It is so refreshing to see you both just getting on with the job under the pressures of publicity and glare of media spotlights. And getting on with your (extra)ordinary lives.

: I only wish I had money to give you to help further your cause.

: Of course you are right--the aim of this corporation is to make lots of money for top management and profits the shareholders. It’s got nothing to do with providing good food for humans. Someone here once told me that McDonalds has made more Australians millionaires than any other company.

: I have always called McDonalds 'the evil empire' but I have done nothing other than speak against them to others. Unfortunately McDonalds’ are more or less ‘a way of life’, an accepted part of living for so many people, who have no idea or do not think about how the food they are buying and eating has such a devastating effect on the planet. How on earth does one tell them? You both have gone a long way to answer that question, for which I thank you.

: I wish you both every success for the future.

: Regards.

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: McSpotlight: We'll pass your best wishes onto Helen and Dave next time we see them.

Very astute synopsis of David and Helens enterprises. Brilliant.

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