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Ahh but the Defendants didn't win!

Posted by: Jared ( Student, Australia ) on February 29, 19100 at 13:53:13:

They didn't win! The judge said it himself. Te decision rests with the First and second Plaintiff who were awarded damages but decided not to follow them up.
You would have to feel a little stupid wouldn't you. How could you claim victory when out of a two hour speech the only favorable quotes didn't even fill up a page.
mmmmm McDonalds

McSpotlight: McDonald's spent $16 million on a case in which the judge said that they exploited children, were culpable of cruelty to animals, promoted an unhealthy diet and paid their staff poorly; they suffered a massive PR disaster and cannot use their favourite weapon (the threat of libel) any longer.

In what way is that a victory for McDonald's?

They haven't cleared their name; they can't claim damages (since they let the deadline for claims go past), they can't get an injunction (since they let that deadline go past as well).

Everything is just as it was before the case, except that McDonald's has had their reputation stained and paid $16 million for it.

Wow, that's some victory.

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