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Be honest in McDonald's Advertising

Posted by: Kyde ( Hong Kong, China ) on March 03, 19100 at 11:46:25:

I think that there is no prblem for McDonalds doing their business in their own way. Every company wants tohave a higher profit in their business. However, they must be honest to their advertising strategy. Even though some people proved that McDonals falsely advrtise their food as nutritious but there are still a lot of people eating McDonald's food because it is very convenvient for people who do not have enought time to eat. Every type of fast food is less nutritious, not only McDonalds.

Also, you can say that McDonalds "exploit children" with their advertising. However, they do a lot of charity for children. Do you find the other fast food shop have the charity function? So, McDonalds is not a really bad company. You can only say they give the wrong ideas to children. They should be more honest in their advertising and promotion.

McSpotlight: How about not supporting cruel farming methods and trying to silence fair criticism?

And if you check the figures, you'll find that McDonald's charity donations are (comparatively) minimal.

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