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Mc Donald's is the best fast food restaurant in the world!

Posted by: Hu ( Australia ) on March 03, 19100 at 11:48:05:

Mc Donald's is the most popular and famous fast food restaurant in the world! I think Mc Donald's is the best one. Although the food is not very delicious, the service is very good and the envirnment is also clean. In addition, there is a place which children can play,so their parents can relax or talk about something important. Therefore, I think Mc Donald's is a good place to go and suits families.
Also, I think if people think Mc Donald's is not good for animals, the envirnment or our health, they have a choice-Do not go there! I think everything depend on our choice. Why is Mc Donald's still popular in the world? I think the reason is very easy and also important because people do not think it is bad. I think a lot of people like it and often go there. Therefore, it will continue to be popular around the world.

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