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Posted by: nuna ( thailand ) on March 03, 19100 at 11:48:17:

From the person,who dislike eating outside.
I don't worry any thing about MC Donald. I have never bought any thing from MC Donal except it's free.
In my opinion MC Donal is a business like other companies so they can advertize any thing that they want.It depends on the customers choosing what they want to eat. there are a lot of compapies like MC Donal, for exsample, some company ,who bought a lot of cartons fron the supplier but they didn't use them because of changing plan anb then
they destroyed the cartons then they can claim this loss on TAX.Big companiesdo this with their obsolete materials .THIS IS BUSINESS.
In thailand big companies offer donate their products and scholarship to people living near his area because especially if there has been an accident with local people, for example leaking out of acid material, this action relieves people's emotion so that they don't have to move out their company.
So I thing every company is the same,doing every thing for their benefit.
I think everyone knows how much big companies destroy environment very year,every day, every time but not everyone will dosomething about it like you.
So I appreciate you what you do.

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