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Posted by: moemoe ( Australia ) on March 03, 19100 at 11:48:27:

I know Mc Donald's contained high fat and various additives. However,
actually it is not harmful to my health. I often go to Mc Donald's,and I like it,because it's cheap and convenient,and also I can relax there.
I've never worked there so I don't know the condition,but I like Japanese Mc Donald's,because the staffs have a good attitude when they attends to their customers. I think it's better than other countries' Mc Donald's. They are always smiling. Some people don't like
Mc Donald's,but I think most people do like it. If we don't want to eat at Mc Donald's,then we don't have to eat there,it's up to us to choose,so I think we have no authority to criticize Mc Donald's.

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