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A leaflet from McD

Posted by: onas ( Australia ) on March 03, 19100 at 11:50:47:

Hi Folks,

I've gotten an interesting leaflet when I went to the McD in early February in Australia. The title of leaflet was "Healthy balance". I was surprised when I read it because I've thought that most fast foods are bad for your health. But the leaflet said, "we recognise our responsibility to help customers enjoy McDonald's as part of a varied and balanced diet." Is this really true ? They always try to sell the combination set, such as BigMac(TM) meal. From the energy point of view, typical meal (in kCal) is BigMac (494) + French Fries Medium (407) + Coke Medium (134), the total is 1035 kCal. Of course, they sell this product as a meal, but I think many customers buy the combo meal as just snack including me. It's a quite big energy, isn't it? In addition, the each energy of Mc food is written in the leaflet.
Their marketing campaign is also tremendous. About one year ago, they sold the McBurger (most simple one) for just 80 yen ($US ~0.75) for special promotion period, about a month, in Japan. It contributed a huge impact to the burger market in Japan. They broke the bottom price of burger. Of course, most of other burger companies were not able to compete against McD with reducing their burger prices. I associate the fact with the big software company Micro$oft that McD's marketing is similar to M$. As you know, they are in trial, about competition between with the Netscape. Such huge companies are getting more of the market share.
I conclude that they should pay more attention to human health and burger market.

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