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Re: McLibel & All Others Who Believe Animals Have A Soul

Posted by: Shelly ( Australia ) on December 09, 1996 at 17:13:26:

In Reply to: McLibel & All Others Who Believe Animals Have A Soul posted by Sharon on November 01, 1996 at 03:32:42:

> Why don't we worry about the things that are destroying our
> lives and our children's lives. God put cattle on this earth
> for us to eat, evidently there are those who have never read
> the Bible.

I see! I'm sure the indigenous people in South America who get
violently forced off their land so that companies like McDonalds
can turn the rainforest into a feedlot would understand, if we
explained to them that we're really just fulfilling God's will.

Perhaps you'd like to go there and help them understand
the importance of Hamburgers within God's Master Plan.

(poor ignorant heathens that they are...)

> It's really funny how we worry about the cattle
> and various other animals, yet our souls are headed for Hell
> because of our lifestyles, we don't think anything of killing
> an unborn baby (call it what you like). This stupid controversy
> could be taken so far, maybe we shouldn't eat vegetables, how
> dare you people to pull that poor carrot out of the ground as
> it is gasping for its very last breath!! GET REAL!!

See you in hell Gideon, Maybe we should reserve places early,?
cause I reckon it's going to be a tad crowded.

(Argh! the most hideous punishment will be the queue for the toilets!)

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