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Posted by: Chuck ( USA ) on December 09, 1996 at 19:04:41:

In Reply to: Labels posted by Jennifer on December 05, 1996 at 19:11:33:

> Recently I was shown the cover of the anti-McDonalds ad.
> Seems where ever I go now I see the corprate head with the
> McDonald's mask. Even kids at my high school are wearing it!
> I say more power to them!
> I have recently done several paintings of these slogans.

I am confussed... what do you mean?

Do you refer to the 'greese' sticker from Adbusters
which shows a ronald with the word 'greese' over his mouth?

Or do you mean the fat corporate bastard hiding behind the Ronald Mask
that was the cartoon on the London Greenpeace factsheet?

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