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Re: homocentricity

Posted by: shane ( New Zealand ) on December 16, 1996 at 02:12:23:

In Reply to: homocentricity posted by Fergus Murray on December 11, 1996 at 23:11:52:

>>God put cattle on this earth for us to eat, evidently there are
>>those who have never read the Bible.

What a silly piece of homocentricity. No doubt the tyrannosaurus rex
thought all the other dinosaurs were put there as food for it, as well.
And I guess the vast expanses of space outside our own solar system
were put there to give humans something nice to look at at night, as well?
I suspect the problem is not so much people not having read the Bible
(although I'm sure many of us haven't), but people not believing
self-important nonsense like that.

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