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Stand up and say "this is not right!"

Posted by: Stuart ( Australia ) on December 17, 1996 at 03:19:27:

In Reply to: Why Attack Mcdonald's? posted by whomevewer on November 03, 1996 at 18:11:14:

> Why the Attack on McDonald's? Is it wrong to make money?

The point of the attack on McDonalds (and make no mistake, other
companies big and small are feeling the blow-torch of public opinion)
is that McD's have shown, and continue to show total disregard for
the welfare of their employees and the animals they slaughter.

They have lied to the public about the health and nutrition of
their food, about bogus recycling programs, about the destruction
of rainforest to raise cattle and how they deliberately target
children in their advertising.

They ignore the wishes of local communities and councils opposed
to their developments.

McDonald's does all this, and much more, on such a grand scale that
it warrants people standing up and saying "this is not right!!".

Perhaps people like yourself could read all the evidence that has
come out of the trial so far, and you would see that much
(if not all) of what was alledged in the "What's Wrong with McDonald's"
brochure is actually true.

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