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avoid this website if it angers you so

Posted by: Derek ( South Africa ) on January 31, 1997 at 12:25:24:

In Reply to: Get off your high horses posted by Davey Dibble on January 06, 1997 at 23:13:09:

Most, if not all, the people who are opposed to
McDonalds would not dream of buying anything from
them. However, as has been said already, it is
quite difficult not to be affected by McDonalds
due to their media campaigns and litter that is
caused by their outlets. Also, many communities
that have tried to stop McDonalds from opening
outlets in their areas have been unsuccessful.
They too have been affected by McDonalds even
though they don't buy their products. Why shouldn't
they vocalise their opposition to McDonalds
bulldozing their way into their communities?

Anyway, by your argument, if you don't like what
the opponents of McDonalds are saying in their
literature, why don't you simply avoid or ignore
it? You should avoid this website if it angers you so.

And by the way, my opposition to McDonalds does
not stem from the opinions/facts in the Fact Sheet,
but rather from reading about the bully-boy tactics
adopted by McDonalds to any hint of opposition.

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