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Posted by: C.C. on February 09, 1997 at 17:11:35:

In Reply to: I'm not surprised posted by X X on November 11, 1996 at 01:54:58:

: everyone knew that McDonalds looks upon labor as something
: expendible, but this anti-meat eating talk is really pathetic.
: really people; isn't it time you grew up and learned to
: respect people. if they want to eat meat then it's none of
: your business. now is it.

THANK YOU!!! I could not have said it any better! BROWNGUY@concentric.net


McSpotlight comment:

He could have explained how it is that meat eaters deserve to be
respected and not criticised for doing what they like, while animals
don't have the right to do what they like and not be eaten by humans.

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