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looks like a poisonous insect or scary loose-lipped drunk,

Posted by: Sheila ( AUSTRALIA ) on March 09, 1997 at 13:29:42:

In Reply to: Ronald Mc Donald, dosn't he look like a Nazi? posted by Benjamin on February 05, 1997 at 21:47:34:

I disagree that Ronald McDonald looks like a Nazi. Actually I think he looks like a poisonous insect. Red and yellow stripes often signify poison in the natural world. Many birds avoid caterpillars with these colour combinations, and also those just coloured red and black, orange and black or yellow and black. Non-poisonous caterpillars have learned to imitate the poisonous ones so that they won't get eaten. Humans would do well to imitate the birds in McDonald's case!

To me, the Mc Donald clown looks like a scary and sort of loose-lipped drunk, the kind of wierdo you might fear to see hanging around children's playgrounds, with little pin dot pupils and an insincere grin.

Also, I always thought that the novel "It" by Steven King, about a loathesome clown who attracted small children down drain holes and to their deaths must have been based on the McDonald's clown.

I am 44 years old and every year it seems there are more McDonalds and other fattening fast food chains and more fat young people. When I was a school child it was really rare to see fat kids. Now they are everywhere. Even before puberty litte kids are weighed down by flubbery thighs and enormous guts that stop them from running and playing. At puberty they are lumbering round with moon shaped, multichinned sad faces in sheeny black tights and gigantic tee-shirts, all hanging round these hidious plastic poisonous insectival architected fat vending fast food outlets. THEN they go and have fat children and they ALL hang around the fast food outlets, well and truly hooked. It is really frightening.

I think if I had been subjected to continuous advertisements telling me how wonderful those tasteless, sugary, gummy pastried, vitamized meat burgers were, I might have fallen victim too, and just eaten my way into hell.

By the way Benjamin, HEMP member, I smoked dope for years and years and it made me paranoid, sad and boring (thank god I didn't also do hamburgers). I have worked in psychiatric hospitals on and off for years and I want you to know that some kids DO develop schizophrenia after smoking even a litte dope and there's very little we can do about it except force them to take horrible antipsychotic drugs, like largactil, stelazine, modecate, haloperidol etc. These drugs cause serious obesity in many patients and they also cause awful looking repetitive movements and nervous tics, called tardive dyskinesia. It makes me really sad every time I see another kid come in with a psychosis related to dope smoking. Of course they all think it's harmless. I used to think so too. I was lucky. Many are not.

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