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teenie beenie babies

Posted by: Fran Dyer ( USA ) on April 18, 1997 at 00:45:32:

I have a complaint and you all do not have a compliant page anymore. Were you getting too many compliants. We were told that the teenie beenie babies would come out 2 a week. Since the stores had such a demand we later found out they were selling them all at the same time. That made it difficult to find them since we were unaware of it. One store in our town made matters even worse. Even though it was stated that you could buy a beenie baby with a breakafast this store said they were not selling them at all. The only way you could get them is with a happy meal after 11:00. They also would open only 1 box at a time and said if I come back in an hour they would be opening up another box. I asked which one would it be and they said they could not tell me. This is the duest I have ever been treated by McDonalds. I realize that this has put pressure on your employees, but this should not effect us. This is what you all chose to do. This store also said they were sold out but getting more on Saturday. Can this be true. I was told no more would be shipped. We are only missing one and feel like there is no hope in getting it.


McSpotlight says:

It is about time that some of the readers and contributors to some of these Rooms realised that McSpotlight and the Debating Room is NOT a mouthpiece of MCDonald's.

The 'issue' surrounding the Beanie's can only be addressed and debated if everyone realises that complaining about it here makes them look very stupid to other readers / contributors.

It would be in your own best interests to address your mailings with more relevancy in future.

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