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Thanks for the encouragement

Posted by: Dave Morris ( McLibel Defendant, UK ) on May 05, 1996 at 22:02:41:

In Reply to: Recent exhastion of defendants - letter to Helen and Dave posted by Nigel McFarlane on May 04, 1996 at 17:56:20:

You say:

: Please could you forward this note of support to Dave Morris and
: Helen Steel. Thank you.

: Dear Dave and Helen,

: I remember well being in the scouting movement at age about 10,
: and McDonalds supplying a veritable flood of free food vouchers
: to be distributed to the most successful "Bob a Job" participants.

: Compare this with my Father's generation (now in their 60s) who grew up
: on a diet of fish and chips for lunch on the building site. Before they
: retired at 55, nearly half had had some form of cancer or a heart attack.

: Is this the same future our young folk today can look forward to?

: I'd like to thank you for your inspirational defence of common sense,
: and hope you can find the strength to continue. You have my total
: support and thanks for your hard work. It must take some really special
: form of determination to pursue the matter as far as you have, and I can
: only hope that one day I will able to intertwine my own daily actions and
: ethical beliefs to such a close degree. In the meantime, just think
: of 1000s and 1000s of computer literate people like myself, reading the
: information about the trial and McDonalds. It may seem like all sound
: and fury and stress from your point of view, but out here in calmer
: waters, the side effects are a huge information distribution. Even if
: you fire the imaginations of only 0.01% of the people reading the
: information, that'll be hundreds and hundreds of new supporters and
: activists. No matter the outcome of the trial, you've won - a success
: in the trial will just be the icing on the cake, and possibly write
: a new chapter in the fast (crap) food industry as well.

: You'll have my first donation as soon as I get a postal response from the
: Australian chapter of your support group.

: Just think of thousands of people like me, reading about your efforts,
: learning, being inspired and motivated. Compared with when you started,
: there'll be a huge organisation against McDonalds, and you'll be able to
: have your reward of a well-earned rest and the wonderful vista of a
: dedicated group of organisers, should you wish it. Meantime, guard your
: energies, and don't let the bastards get you down.

: All the best, Nigel McFarlane.

My Reply:

Thanks a lot for your kind words and great
encouragement. Its so important for us to
know that 'out there' in the world people are
following the case and using the information
which is coming out of the trial. Thats why we're
putting so much effort into the court proceedings
each week.

We don't wish to be the focus - rather its the
issues raised by the case and the campaign that
society has an opportunity to address and debate,
so that people are better able to decide for
themselves, amongst themselves, what they think
of the present economic and social system, and
what action should be taken to challenge the
power of those who control the world's resources
and people's lives.

If our efforts have helped to strengthen the
determination of people to fight back, and to
identify the real issues of importance, then we
feel that all our work will have been worthwhile.

Our thanks to you and everyone who's followed the
trial and sent their support.

In solidarity,

Dave Morris, McLibel Defendant

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