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Re: stop bashing McDonald's, positives outnumber negatives

Posted by: B. King on April 19, 1997 at 16:59:56:

In Reply to: stop bashing McDonald's, positives outnumber negatives posted by Melissa Mattox on April 18, 1997 at 13:42:19:

> I don't understand all this negative up roar about Mc Donald's.

Well then, get educated about the issues

> Does Burger King have a Burger King House that donates millions of
> dollars to children in need, NO!

Ever heard of Propaganda, or Greenwashing ?

> I, being a Ronald Mc Donald House
> volunteer and the daughter of a Mc Donald's owner/operator, feel
> that the company needs more recognition for it's contributions to
> the community.

McSpotlight is all about highlighting McPoisons "contribution" to the community

> All you Mc Donald's bashers out there need to get a
> life and direct your ignorant brains on some other problem that is
> really a threat to society.

So many problems, so little time.

Poverty ; Third World countries who grow grain for export to feed cattle for McDonalds while their own people go hungry.

Environmental Destruction ; The forests which clean the air being cut down to feed cattle.

Health ; The damage done to young people who think this rubbish is food.

We have to start somewhere, and McDonalds is symptomatic of all the ills in our greedy consumerist world.

By focussing on one company which is responsible for so many diverse problems we will get more bang for our buck.

Forget that Daddy pays for your comfortable life by exploiting others less fortunate than yourself and continue in your blissful ignorance.

Out here in the real world, the rest of us will continue to try to solve the problems caused by the ignorance and greed of people like your good self.

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