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Cigarette Advertising

Posted by: David Howard ( Canada ) on May 06, 1997 at 17:59:54:

Cigarette Advertising should NOT be stopped. A huge part of sporting industries will suffer as the result of this. The influance of advertising is minimal if any.


McSpotlight comment:

The opinion of the poster above is perhaps bit rich coming from somebody
whos own web page claims to offer the secrets of the advertising industry
for only $19.95 and uses a huge string of keywords such as 'sex, escorts, models, dominatrix, male, female' inorder to attract people to his
'make money fast' package.

It is obvious to anyone that advertising works. McDonald's spend more on
advertising than they make in profits. They do this because it works.
The cigarette industry also spends billions on advertising. By doing so
they ensure that they continue to make huge profits and open new markets
for a product which is known to increase the risk of cancer.

Without advertising, the market for such products would be considerably
smaller. Advertsing makes markets - it makes demand.

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