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Like they had any choice!

Posted by: Thomas Hall ( UK ) on May 18, 1997 at 15:00:26:

In Reply to: Why did they agree to let it be filmed? posted by Ben on May 18, 1997 at 03:37:49:

> PS wouldn't it be interesting to see how that show affected things
> like the McD's share price and sales figures...why on earth did they
> agree to let it be filmed???!!!!!

McDonald's didn't LET it be filmed. Being a reconstruction - they had
no say in whether it was made or not. Perhaps they could have tried
to get an injuction but the bad press would have done more damage than
the fil which goes out of it's way to not come across as biased towards
the defendants and hence seems to present McDonald's in a better light
than would be the situation if you read a few days of court transcript at random.

I am sure they would have loved to stop the film being shown but
even McDonald's can't be that stupid - can they?

As for share prices - there are no 'share prices' in the UK since
McDonald's is not a Plc. here. The effects on sales would probably
not show up in the short term either since I doubt many hardend McD
eaters would have watched the program that trashed the object of their worship. In the long term - stuff like the film may be laying the seeds
of change - but who knows.

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