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I can't believe I wanted to work for them!!

Posted by: Ben ( Yorkshire UK ) on May 19, 1997 at 16:45:14:

I have to say that after the 1st episode of the documentory, I was sceptical.. I thought they were a couple of dipsticks (to put it bluntly) who had a thing about capitalism, but after the second, it dawned on me..I went for an interview at McDonalds...I had seen everything that they were saying!!! The vast majority of that about working conditions was TRUE!! when I joined they gave me 1 hour's training where we got dictated the Basic Food Hygene exam verbatum to copy onto an official document and sign as our own!! THAT WAS ALL THE TRAINING WE RECIEVED. Then before my 1st shift was due to start, I realised that I was in fact too young to work for them by 6 months!!! I had to tell them this!! For our safety training also, we had to have a stand-in because the official one had put his hand onto a grill and had to be rushed into hospital!! It was certianly the case that they put profitablity before safety then!! So I now have to say that I have EVERY sympathy on that front, however I still do not believe that the destruction of capitalism is a good idea!!

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