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Posted by: Mike J. ( UK ) on May 19, 1997 at 16:45:58:

I was very surprised with what I saw and heard on Sunday's programme. A few things spring to mind. Firstly, I think that the judge's decision to hold the trial without a jury was a bit dodgy. How is the law supposed to uphold the interests of individuals in cases like this? I wouldn't have said that the case was too complex for your average jury member to follow. The defendants looked pretty ordinary to me, and they seemed to be doing ok after 3 years. Secondly, I was amazed at the lengths a dobbing great company like McD's would go to at stamping out minor irritations like this. What can they expect to gain from pursuing a case that hardly anyone knew about anyway? Respect for battering two members of the public into the ground? Damages ? 20 B&H and the first-born child? I think it's bad enough having spies deposited in organisations to gather evidence, but what about the letters which were supposedly obtained from a break in at the offices of London Greenpeace? This can't be legal, surely?

Hats off to the little people,

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