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What are the governing bodies doing?

Posted by: Joshua Kainth ( England ) on May 19, 1997 at 21:33:07:

Lets just stop for a moment and considered this whole affair in a slighter wider context.

McDonalds have a responsibility to ensure that the food they provide in their restaurants is not only sourced, prepared and served under legislation laid down by the law of the land. They also have a responsibility to the various governing bodies who are in place for the publics protection.

If found guilty, I hope that the governing bodies in charge of overseeing the sharp practices referred to, do something and do something very quickly to see it stamped out not only by McDonalds but by all those who are doing the same.

McDonalds if found guilty will not be the first or last company to exploit blind spots in legislation and exploit weaknesses in the ability to enforce legislation.

The practices that were highlighted in the case are happening all around us.

Remember these organisation's hand over huge amounts in taxes to Governments. Their stability within a Country if unbalanced may cause destabilisation elsewhere.

Their board of Directors will usually have a politician or two amongst their inner circle.

They are so powerful and have connections with people in high places.

The case if found in favour of the defendants will, I fear become yesterday's news sooner rather than later. It may bring about a shake up and a few heads may roll.

It is my belief that the practices undertaken have existed for some time, existed today and will always exist.

It is time for those in power at these governing bodies to act where necessary and put a stop to the disgraceful practices that have been highlighted.

Well done Channel Four.

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