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Re: Eating Out

Posted by: Sue Peckham ( UK ) on May 19, 1997 at 21:36:21:

In Reply to: Eating Out posted by Nathan Cooke on May 19, 1997 at 16:21:58:

>> I suspect that my almost daily pilgrimage to McDonald's (etc) will
>> end. So, who knows some ethical, healthy places to eat in Brixton?

> Being a vegetarian for the last 8 years, I must admit that I rarely
> ventured into McDonalds anyway. However, I must admit that on one
> occasion this year I did buy one of there new vegetable burgers.
> I won't be going in again, and anyway BurgerKing where always ahead
> on veggie points, what with their beanburger and new Veggie Whopper
> from heaven! Unfortunately, I suspect that BurgerKing has a lot to
> hide too.

You are not wrong there. Remember the national press coverage of the 'zero hour' contract at Burger King where workers were made to clock off and sit in the staff room when there waw no work to be done. And don't think that Burger King isn't as guilty of exploiting children via advertising and promotional gimmicks. All companies are the same to some extent since their prime goal is to make profits and that is often (some would argue ALWAYS) done at the expense others, or the exploitation of the worlds resources and the environment.

> So where do you go when you're out down the town on a rainy
> afternoon, you're starving, and you've got 30 minutes to kill before
> your bus arrives?

Erm? First off. Why wait half an hour for a bus? I could walk almost two miles in that time which would probably get me to where I wanted to go (a bit of rain never hurt anyone ;-)

But seriously. Althought chains like McDonald's and Burger King tend to wipe out any local competition, it is still possible to find some great independent food. I am also vegetarian and usually buy falafal in pita bread with salad and houmous. It usualy costs about 2 pounds and there is very little waste packaging (a paper bag). It is a healthy option to, when compared with those dodgy veggie burger things.

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