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McLibel! show biased - TOWARDS MCD'S

Posted by: Steven Illich ( UK ) on May 19, 1997 at 21:37:29:

I watched the programme and thought that the bits shown were chossen
to show McDonald's in a bad light. I was please when in part two it mentioned this web site and so I have spent much of today looking at
some of the other evidence. Now I realise that this site is itself biased but the information presented here does appear to cover both sides. Indeed with the court transcript available (is that legal?) it is far more balanced than the TV stuff could be. After reading bits of the plantiffs closing submissions and defendants closing speeches I have to conclude that the TV show was infact biased towards McDonald's and for some reason left out a large propotion of great stuff for the defence while concentrating on irrelevant stuff for McDonald's.
What happened, Channel 4 lawyers get cold feet?

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