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Advertising and Libel

Posted by: Michael Fitzpatrick ( UK ) on May 20, 1997 at 12:13:00:

So, pamphlets are a waste of time I hear shouted in here. Are the public blind to protests & advertising?

McDonalds obviously think not. They wouldn't spend $1.8 billion advertising, if they thought public opinion couldn't be influenced.

They also wouldn't take 2 people with a combined income of around 130/Week to court, unless they saw the factsheet as a threat.

Personally speaking, I find it outrageous that the British justice system and its outdated libel laws can be abused by McDonalds.

Rapists, murderers and arsonists are afforded better resources to defend themselves with professional and free legal aid and the right to a jury. A civil and just society should have laughed McDonalds out of court.

Well, McDonalds, if you read this. Take note: Not only would I most probably never had read the leaflet had you not taken the defendants to court. I wouldn't have had the 300+days of evidence and expert-witness testimony to demonstrate its validity and truth.

So, the defendants have already won, whatever the outcome. Because they wanted to get their message across and make the public aware.
Here's one member of the public who has received that message.

'Eat a healthy diet and make the world a better place to live in'...hardly the words of militant activism, is it? I mean, your Doctor, dentist and maybe the odd-MP would all hopefully maintain similar values.

Hopefully once the QC's and Judges have made their money, they'll see fit to stop the abuse happening again. Hopefully they'll see sense and reach the right verdict.

I wish you both the best of luck.

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