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Video of C4 McLibel programme wanted desperately

Posted by: Jon Massey ( United Kingdom ) on May 22, 1997 at 11:05:51:


A desperate plea here...

I missed the 2 McLibel programmes on C4 this weekend,
and desperately wanted to see them.
(Especially after all the talk of them on this site).

So, could some kind soul please supply me with a copy of the programme?

I have 2 video recorders, so could make a copy of your tape, or I can
supply you with a blank, or supply you with the money for a blank,
and of course I'll pay all postage & packing costs in all directions,
and I'll even offer you a 'fiver' as thanks for helping me out...

Someone please get in touch!

Thanks in advance, JonM.

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