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McLibel - Burger Culture on Trial - another reader review

Posted by: Robert Cooke ( Canada ) on June 06, 1997 at 05:41:48:

In Reply to: McLibel - Burger Culture on Trial, by John Vidal posted by Robert Alcock on May 30, 1997 at 14:07:04:

> [you've won the book] We would be pleased to receive your opinions about
> the book when you have read it and would like to post them on McSpotlight.

I won the book in the week 2 contest. I was impressed with how fast you mailed it to me!

I found it a very readable book, with lots of information. Having followed McLibel fairly closely by visiting McSpotlight and getting regular e-mailings from a DBriars (I believe) who is an American McLibel supporter, I didn't learn much about the actual case that I didn't already know. Nevertheless, the book gave some interesting background information on the two, as well as on Rampton and Bell that I hadn't stumbled on before. As well, there was some history about the early days of Ray Kroc and McDonalds, and some general information about Corporatism, globalism, and it's outgrowth from the Chicago Economics school that was new to me. He had a fair amount on world trade and the proposed Multilateral Agreement on Investment which is usefull and topical as well.

Vidal was fairly upbeat in describing the anti-corporate, grassroots, local democratic movements that are springing up in response to the increasing world economic corporate hegemony. Here, I hope he's not just being a Pollyannish optimist.

Overall I'd give it a B+, but a higher mark if I hadn't already been well educated about the case. Maybe you ought to give the book to the people who score LOWEST in the quiz...they'd benefit so much more .

Thanks very much for the book, and congratulations on a heroic and essential effort in keeping this site up and running.

Best wishes
Robert Cooke
Toronto, Canada

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