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Macca's just doesn't taste nice....

Posted by: Julie ( Australia ) on June 09, 1997 at 01:15:09:

I have never though about the devastation that a big multi-national corporation like Mc Donalds can cause. Like alot of people I have been to Mc D's because it has been handy and fast - yet knowing that in 1/2 hour I'd be hungry again. Gradually as I've gotten older (a ripe old 22), I have come to believe that when that burger craving comes upon me, it is much more satisfying to walk to the local take-away and get a deli-burger, with real salad, thick slices of onion, beetroot that stains your fingers, lettuce you have to chew and best of all, crispy, toasted buns, and eat it on the waterfront. Not only is this more filling, it tastes great and helps keep a small business paying the bills on time. I applaud the effort of those who are valiant in their struggle against corporate bullying, but it lies upon us, everyone, just saying NO to McDonalds and buying food that tastes like food.

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