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Sloppy Service and Inferior Hamburgers

Posted by: H. Galloway ( United States ) on June 18, 1997 at 22:22:24:

The management at the Burger King on Austin Bluffs Parkway in Colorado Springs, Colorado is in dire need of management training. The supervisory staff and employees spend more time "shooting the breeze" than waiting on customers. Myself and other customers have waited in line while the employees discussed such things as the events of the night before, who called, and what they were going to do after work. The burgers must have been assembled at the beginning of the month and served (after being microwaved) at the end of the month. The lettuce, if you can find any under the pickle, is wilted and sickening. The meat is over cooked, even by the health services standards to prevent ecoli. I have drove over 4 miles to get a Whooper, at leat until the Sonics opened by the Burger King on Austin Bluffs near my house. I have also enjoyed the services of Burger Kings in such countries as Germany, Itally, Belgium, and the Neitherlands. Never have I had the low quality of service and food as in the Austin Bluffs Burger King franciase

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