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Re: You lose

Posted by: Dave Twisleton ( Monochrome BBS Green section, UK ) on June 19, 1997 at 20:20:54:

In Reply to: You lose posted by Frank Dobbie on June 19, 1997 at 16:17:22:

> Well well, you lost everything bar two counts, Mcdonalds workers were
> low paid (wow! What a revelation!) and that they are, indirectly
> responsible for some of the cruelty towards animals. All the other
> allegations were trashed as lies.

Not forgetting the exploitation of children :)
The other allegations were not *trashed as lies* - it was unlikely that the judge would uphold those issues - that would mean McDonalds were *solely* responsible for them, which is not the case is it?

> 60k damages, which Mcdonalds indicated months ago they weren't
> interested in collecting.

And bad publicity. How much is that gonna cost? Of course McDonalds aren't interested in collecting the 60,000 quid - they have 10 million quid of legal costs to pay!

> Two clowns in a punch-up with another clown over an issue no one
> really cares about. Fascinating!

Oh right, so 14.5 million hits to this web site doesn't count? Being on the main news matters not a jot? People do care about this issue - it's about free speech more than anything else, I think.

I'm off to McDonalds now to see how many people are hassling them - now that they can slag them off for certain issues without fear of reprisal :)


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