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VICTORY . . . . for the campaign

Posted by: Husna Begum ( UK ) on June 19, 1997 at 22:04:05:

Well done all!

Despite the biased legal system and Justice Bell's ignorant opinion,
McDonald's lost on several major issues in the trial.

McDonald's proved guilty of..

targetting and exploiting children through advertising,

paying their workers a low wage,

and being responsible for cruelty to animals.

Disappointingly the defendants failed to prove to the Judges satisifaction that McDonald's had an anti-union policy (despite McDonald's having had a 'flying squad' of 'union busters' to
prevent attempts of unionisation in their US stores etc).

Also, on the issue of rainforest destruction, Bell came to the conclusion that 'rainforest' (as perseived by the public at large)
did not include all tropical forest and therefore the defendants had failed to prove that McDonald's used rainforest beef
and were linked to deforestation (despite evidence to the contrary and addmissions by McDonald's). I guess Bell doesn't met many 'real' people.

All in all... it was always a victory for the defendants.
McDonald's could only loss, even though they 'won'.

The campaign will no doubt continue... and only the uninformed
will accept the judges opinion as fact!

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